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October 16, 2017

We're Moving!


After years in our Toronto flagship store, we are shaking things up!

If you're one of the many that shop with us online you wont notice a thing. Everything will be business as usual. 

But as of January 1, 2018, our retail store at 831 Queen Street West will be closing and moving up to the Junction. Creating a one of a kind factory shop where you can see your gear being made in front of you!

This means YNOT will have more capacity and you will get your gear even faster!

This move will have no effect on order fulfilment or shipping whatsoever. Business will continue as usual, you simply just won't be able to visit us on Queen West after December 31st, 2017.

So pay us a visit before we move!

To celebrate here's an amazing sale!

Starting today until December 31st, 2017, having a huge sale! 

Online or in store. Buy a regular priced item and save 50% of the 2nd item of equal or lesser value. 

Use the coupon code BOGO50 online. Click HERE to shop now!

Join Our Team - Production Sewing opening

October 16, 2017

YNOT is a Toronto team of makers creating bags and accessories. Driven by innovation, we design for life on and off the beaten path. Our products are made in Canada and built to stand the test of time. Our company is growing and we are looking for fun, energetic, design-oriented people to join us!

This posting is for a full-time production sewing position at our studio in the Junction area. We are looking for proficient sewers with experience using industrial sewing machines. You will be working on walking foot and straight stitch machines as well as binders and bartackers. You must be able to work Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5:30pm and Friday 9-1pm.

- Sewing experience on industrial sewing machines is MANDATORY.
- Fast and efficient
- Positive, outgoing attitude
- Works well in a team environment
- Great work ethic and attention to detail

Send your resume AND cover letter to jobs@ynotmade.com

Custom Bag Giveaway!

October 04, 2017



















We ❤️ custom bags! 

Today we're stoked to reveal our brand new online Photorealistic Custom Builders!

Create your very own custom YNOT bag or jacket on our website, and now what you see is what you get!

Just click on the bag of your choice, and select DESIGN YOUR OWN to get started!*


For those of you who don't know, we make all of our gear in our own facilities here in Toronto, Canada. This gives us the chance to do some fun, crazy, cool custom designs on almost our entire standard product line.

In addition to improving the visualization of your custom design experience, we've also added a bunch of new custom options never available before. Add alternative pockets, upgrade your hardware, or just put together the perfect colour combination.

It's all live now HERE! 

*(note: custom options are not available for all bags.)

Watch the video below for a full walthrough of the new Photo resalistic Custom Bag Builder!


BLOWOUT! Back to school sale

July 26, 2017


This is the last of it!


Grab a huge discount on remaining styles and colours of some of our most popular gear!

Treat yourself to a new Laneway or Alley Backpack, now 45% off and just in time before classes start in September!

Doing some traveling soon? Grab a Deploy Packable Backpack to bring with you, now for 30% off!

Shutter bugs rejoice! Pixel Camera Slings are now 40% off AND come with a FREE Camera Insert!*

Once these deals are gone, they're gone! So act fast while supplies last! Shop the sale here.




New Product Drop!

July 18, 2017


Now you can carry anything!*

*please don't try to carry your pets, or other people for that matter

Introducing the YNOT Cargo Net! Made with tear-proof 1000D Cordura and durable National Molding hardware, the Cargo Net safely secures heavy, awkward objects to your YNOT backpack or messenger bag.

Quickly stow your yoga mat on the way to the gym, strap on your skateboard for an evening shred or stuff your bike helmet on-the-go. The Cargo Net also features a retroreflective laser-cut micro-dot logo to help you been seen at night, and integrates seamlessly with any YNOT backpack, including our MagneticaNeo or Laneway, as well as our messenger bags, like our Junction and Mongoose.  


Plus, new Swoop!

Introducing the newest Swoop in our Swoop System lineup: the Swoop Utility Sleeve! It features two quick-access zippered pockets, one padded to keep a 13" laptop or tablet, another for cellphones, wallets and whatever your want to keep secure, as well as a quick-access pocket for even more accessories. Keep all your tech safe, secure and in one place: the Swoop Utility Sleeve pops in-and-out of our backpacks easily thanks to the National Molding quick-clips, and can be used in addition to our other Swoop Laptop Sleeves.  

Head to our bag add-ons page to order yours today!


How to measure yourself for a Made-to-Measure Jacket

July 18, 2017

We've created a few graphics to help those of you who are measuring yourself at home for a custom-fitted jacket. Make sure you use a soft tape measure or a piece of string that you can mark and measure afterwards for the most accurate results. Also get a friend to help! We don't know about you but our bodies don't quite bend that way...

There are 3 measurements we need from you to create your Made to Measure Jacket. Chest, High Point Collar and Shoulders and Arms

Chest: Measure the circumference of your chest, just under your armpits. This will give us the measurement we need to get the fit of the body of your jacket right. 

Shoulders and Arms: Start measuring at the middle of the back of your neck where your neck meets your shoulders. Measure to the middle of your hand, lining up with inside of the base of your thumb.  This will give us the measurement we need to get the shoulders and arm length right for your jacket.


High Point Collar: Measure from the collar of your shirt to the top of your shoulder down to the length you want your jacket to be. If you're unsure how long you want your jacket to be a good reference point is the length of your favorite t shirt.

The High Point Collar measurement tells us where you want the bottom of the jacket to sit.  Traditionally there is a correlation with the high point collar and your sleeve length. Some people do want their jacket to be a little longer or shorter in relation to their sleeve length so we offer you the option to make this adjustment as well to allow you to get the exact fit you want.   

If you have any other questions about how to measure yourself at home please contact us at info@ynotmade.com



About the Lakewood Jacket

May 30, 2017



First, we wanted to make a jacket that was dependable.


A jacket that would just simply workday in and day out, year after year.


For that we drew from our decade of experience doing what we do best: building stuff that lasts a really long time.


We brought in some friends from the garment industry to lend their authority to the project too, and we went to the drawing board with the aim of designing a jacket that was at once tough and timeless, durable and dependable.


Then we watched some Steve McQueen movies.


Fashion can be fickle, and if we intended to make a jacket that would last longer than most presidential administrations, it seemed obvious to draw inspiration from the King of Cool himself.


Influenced by the enduring style of the classic military field coat, with its timeless silhouette and utilitarian understatedness, we wanted the Lakewood to look as good on the back of a Triumph Bonneville than it would for 9 p.m. reservations downtown at Nobu.


To achieve that, we knew exactly where to look: Bridgeport, New Jersey.


Maybe not the first (or even second) place when thinking of “cool,” but that’s where you’ll find Martin Dyeing and Finishing Company, who today produce the same sought-after, durable waxed canvas they did when they established in 1838.


That’s over 200 years of quality and expertise, and we think that’s cool as hell.


We went with Martin Co.’s 10.10 ounce army duck, a midweight waxed canvas, with a weighty, robust finish, that still feels incredibly soft at hand, and only looks more handsome the more it’s worked in.


You can read more about our Waxed Canvas here, but we're also doing a version of the Lakewood Jacket using our 500D Multicam Cordura. To learn more about our Cordura, you can check out our blog post here.


With the design direction and materials sorted out, we then decided to do something completely different…


Offering each and every customer the opportunity to custom design their own jacket might sound like a logistical nightmare, because for most it very possibly could be.


But we’ve been around the block a few times, and have gotten pretty good at this DIY (design-it-yourself) sort of thing.


We love empowering our customers with the ability to make themselves something truly personal, something that they’ll hopefully cherish for years to come, so we’ve offered our customers the option to custom design their bags and accessories for many years.


In fact, custom work has become one of our core competences, and likely always will be. So in the end, the decision to offer full customization for the Lakewood Jacket was actually kind of a no-brainer. We think making stuff is cool, and we encourage everyone to make cool stuff as much as they can. But not everyone has access to industrial bartack machines or giant laser cutters, so the custom option is our very small way of supporting our customers to do something different and express themselves.


The last piece of the puzzle had to do with getting the word out. We’re pretty excited about the Lakewood, but sharing that excitement with an already crowded marketplace can be a little tricky.

That’s why we’ve decided to return to Kickstarter for the official launch.


We’ve always appreciated Kickstarter’s very active, and very honest, user community. We’ve used crowdfunding with success in the past to raise awareness of new product lines, while offering our core supporters early-bird discounts. Feel free to view coverage of crowdfunded product launches of ours, such as our Wildland Scout Backpack, or our Magnetica line of bags and accessories.


But given the all-or-nothing nature of these crowdfunded campaigns, successful funding is always anything but a sure thing.


It’s either a good product, or it’s not, and Kickstarter users can sniff an insincere marketing pitch from a mile away. As a result, the integrity of the community is continuously preserved, and we like that about them. In return, the community holds us accountable, and drives us to truly deliver durable, dependable gear that's built to lastand not just talk about it (although we do love to talk about it too).


And that’s the story of how the Lakewood Jacket came about. We like to think of it as a small act of defiance in an era of fast-fashion and throw-away culture.


If you think about it, the idea of a making a durable, long-lasting jacket shouldn’t be an interesting one, but the fact that you’re (maybe) still reading this perhaps demonstrates otherwise.


Click here to check out the Lakewood Custom Builder. Who knows, you might make something that you think is cool too.




Tony Mammoliti