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Free Fittings and Size Guides

May 16, 2017

Book your free fitting. 



Fittings are free. The Lakewood Jacket is available in 10 sizes. Custom sizing is available for an additional $60.

We will contact you with available time slots. 

Want to measure yourself? No problem. We made a video to help you along.

How to Measure Yourself at Home from YNOT on Vimeo.

Once you've got your measurements, check out our size, and choose from one of 10 sizes. Don't see your size? Go ahead and book a custom jacket fitting in the form above. 

Use the chart below if you're measuring yourself, that is, your own body.

If you'd rather use the measurements from your favourite jacket, skip down to the more comprehensive measurement list below, and watch the video if you need extra assistance.

We made one more sizing video to make sure that you get the jacket of your dreams. If you have a jacket that already fits you perfectly, simply follow the steps in this video on how to measure it. 

How to Measure Your Favorite Jacket from YNOT on Vimeo.

Use the chart below if you're measuring your favourite jacket

If you'd rather measure yourself, that is, your own body, use the measurement chart above this one.